Alzheimer’s Treatment with Cannabis Oil

Alzheimer is a neurodegenerative disease which mostly affects adults over 65 years of age. Studies have shown that as the disease advances, the affected person is unable to take proper care of them. Even though, there is no perfect cure for Alzheimer’s, still some doctors are supporting the idea that Alzheimer can be treated with medical marijuana.

Within the medical fraternity, medical marijuana is a hugely debated topic. Some doctors are campaigning for the likely benefits of using medical Cannabis Oil for Alzheimers treatment and its related symptoms. Still, some part of the medical fraternity are complaining that medical marijuana is a drug and shouldn’t be used for treating any chronic health condition.

CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s

Medical Marijuana and Its Controversy

FDA has approved the use of medical marijuana for treating nausea among cancer patient and also for boosting the appetite of people suffering from AIDS. However, it has not been approved for the treating Alzheimer’s.


Cannabis Oil: Treating Alzheimer’s

Conventional treatment available for Alzheimer’s is only able to mitigate its symptoms. However, recent studies and researches have shown that it can treat the disease in an effective manner. Basically, a preliminary study showed that cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can reduce the creation of beta-amyloid proteins, which is considered to be the key factor the progression of the disease.

Alzheimer’s treatment

In order to understand the role of CBD Oil and Alzheimer’s, one needs to know about the role of ECS in the brains of an Alzheimer patient. CB1 receptors get greatly affected during the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Just like the endocannabinoids, THC present in the cannabis oil activates the cannabinoid receptors. Thereby, it aids in alleviating the pathological events.

Studies have shown that THC helps to improve the nocturnal agitation and also the appetite of the Alzheimer patient. In fact, the cannabidiol can easily reduce the nitric oxide synthase, inflammatory cytokines and stress activated protein kinase p38.

CBD Oil and Alzheimer’s

How the Oil Helps?

Many of you might be interested to learn how cannabis oil can help with CBD Oil and Alzheimer’s. To know about I in details, go through rest of the blog:


Any neurodegenerative disease brings about the inflammation of neural tissue. The inflammation leads to many uncontrollable chain reactions, which eventually leads to chronic neuronal deterioration. The anti-inflammatory property of the oil can slow the development of the disease.


Often, the release of reactive oxygen and oxidative stress forms a key factor for the disease and is also associated with inflammation. When the cells are unable to carry out antioxidant ability, free radical production increases. With the presence of amyloid beta, the nerurons and synapses get destroyed. However, the antioxidant property helps to slow down the production of amyloid beta.

Cannabis soil is great for Alzheimer’s treatment as it can aid the neurogenesis process. When the process gets slowed down, the degeneration takes place at a lower rate. Hence, the patient gets the chance to try out some alternative treatments for the disease.

Due to the efforts of medical cannabis activists, cannabis oil has been legalized in some countries.  The wide array of medical benefits presented by the CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s treatment is the reason for being accepted worldwide.

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