An inspirational journey to end suffering and restore joy.
Peace Begins with me - A book by Ted Kuntz

About Ted's Workshops
"Ted is the single best presenter I have ever experienced." "Ted is the single best presenter I have ever experienced."

"You have given me something very powerful to work with."

"I am making more meaningful decisions in my personal and business life."

"One of the best courses I have ever taken."

"I’ve never had things explained so clearly to me."

"Always a pleasure to hear your presentations."

"It is something about YOU with the content that is causing the stir here. I think people are responding to the "Ted Magic" . . . a message with a good dose of common sense."

"Being around Ted Kuntz is inspirational and thought provoking."

"I want to say how enjoyable and beneficial I found your seminar. I was able to use some of the tools that very afternoon."

"I cannot wait to share what I've learned with others."

"10+ out of 10."

"Being around Ted Kuntz is inspirational and thought provoking."

In the 20 years that I have been involved in professional development, seldom have I seen people "get it" the way they do in Ted's workshops.
Ross Buchanan, CEO, Strategic Results International

About Ted's Book

Those of us who seek peace in our lives and yearn for more peace in our world need look no further than this candid exploration of one man's personal journey to discover the source of his own peace. It is bound to inspire.

Al Etmanski - Author of 'A Good Life'

I have been reading your book and I am so excited that I couldn't sleep last night! Reading your book is affirming, but more importantly, it gave me a map to keep on going. It is exactly what I need.

Erika Horwitz Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

I just finished reading Peace Begins With Me. What a superb book! I am ordering six more for friends who could benefit from your words and strategies. What a most beautiful gift.
Pat Behan, USA

You did an unbelievable job of summing up what I needed to hear without making it seem too overwhelming to attempt change. Thank you for giving me an action plan for getting my life back.
N. Bray, Alberta

I'm a well educated person who has worked in the human service field doing individual life skills work, coaching and counselling. I've used many tools and resources to help others. I have to tell you that I find your book to be one the best resources out there. It is simple and just makes's written in a way that feels like you're sitting and talking with me.
And instead of just helping raise my awareness, it helps me know how to correct or change my thinking and behaviours to find more peace. It has helped me so much with my own growth, with dealing with trauma I've gone through in my life, and with learning to take myself less seriously and just let go. I am so grateful to you and to Josh.

Cristine, Life Skills Coach and Counselor