Peace begins with me

Peace begins with me

I assume you’ve come to this website because you are interested in peace.

I am committed to peace. I am dedicated to living peacefully – this means thinking and behaving in peaceful ways.

I am of the understanding that peace must be created on the inside before it can be experienced on the outside. Peace is ultimately an individual responsibility.

My journey toward peace began in earnest 24 years ago when my son Joshua became disabled by a childhood vaccine. I spent the first five years of Joshua’s life angry and afraid, frustrated and resentful, and resisting the reality of my son’s condition.

After years of pain and anger I came to a realization. I came to understand the importance of accepting my son as he is and that the highest good I could offer my son was to live peacefully and joyfully. That day I began my search for peace and joy.

The journey I pursued and the wisdom I acquired is recorded in my book, Peace Begins With Me.

About Us

Much of the wisdom that Ted shares in his counseling, workshops, and consultations didn’t come from his formal training. Rather, it came from his personal journey as the father of a child with severe disabilities. Ted’s journey with his son Joshua taught Ted how to make peace with life and to take full advantage of the gifts and opportunities life offers.